Deadline Hollywood (12/6/11)

The Hollywood Reporter (1/5/11)

The Black List (12/10/12)

The Black List (12/6/11)

The Huffington Post (12/19/13)

The Huffington Post (12/12/12)


NACHOPUNCH PRESS: (Hipsters Love Beer)

GQ (Hipsters Love Beer)

Mashable (Hipsters Love Beer)

Huffington Post (Hipsters Love Beer)

Perez Hilton (How To Speak Dothraki)

Huffington Post (How To Speak Dothraki)

Mashable (How To Speak Dothraki)

AV Club (How To Speak Dothraki)

CNET (How To Speak Dothraki)

Nerdist (How To Speak Dothraki)

LA Times (Hipsters Love Coffee)

Huffington Post (Hipsters Love Coffee)

Mashable (Hipsters Love Coffee)

Laughing Squid (Dangers of Binge Watching PSA)

Gizmodo (Dangers of Binge Watching PSA)

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